2 Day Program

2 Day Program:


  • 9.00am. Arrive.
  • 9.45am. Elephant performance.
  • 11.00am. Elephant and mahout interaction, learning elephant commands, Walk around the camp.
  • 12.00pm. Lunch.
  • 1.00pm. Revise elephant commands with your elephant. Practice riding on elephant.
  • 1.00pm. Elephant trekking. No saddle so hold on tight.
  • 2.30pm. Bathing elephant and giving it treats.
  • 3.00pm. Rest time.
  • 5.00pm. Visit Maetaman Village
  • 6.00pm. Dinner.


  • 8:00am. Bath your elephant
  • 8.30am. Breakfast
  • 9.45am. Attend the elephant performance.
  • 10.30. Bamboo Rafting.
  • 11.30am Elephant trekking into the forest to let them rest in the forest. ( the location will be different from the previous one)
  •  12.00am. Lunch
  • 2.00pm. Get back to the camp, change clothes and get the certificate.